Wednesday, June 23, 2010

importance is very important

I am writing ..becoz i want to write..i have no tension..actually i generally write when i am too happy or too sad
i am neither happy nor sad these days
Oh yes...i can be happy since rains have already started
i luv rain
i know all of us do
yesterday i was going in my bus and i realized that it so very important for each one of us to be important for someone..(or even many ones) i returned from my home town..and like a school kid i never wanted to go to school..oops JOB.
its not that i hate job or work or responsibility. .its just i dnt want to do anything..and this thinking remains not for long..but it actually feels gud to have this feeling..
ya so i was talking abt important and importance..
the only driving force or say one of the driving force for me return from a vacation is importance..when people say ..a simple... welcome back dear..
or ...Ohh i was waiting for u...
thank god u r back ..(its different k next line was..'now u work and i will relax")
Ghar pe sab kaise hai..
meri leye kya lai..
tum nahi thi to kitna accha tha..shanti thi..(that ofcrs means i was missed)
amazing feeling...
i really dnt know k am i able to make someone feel like that or not
but yes i have felt it and i would like that each one of us should feel it
but making someone feel important is not at all a easy task...if the other one is not as fool as i am
hey..i do have one secret..of making others feel important or say hapy or atleast can bring a smile just genuinely. .complement always works..but ya u should feel whatever u are need to bluff ...actually we want to.. but still ...we are.. many a times.. not able to praise (i know too big a word..) others..
lets give it a one more natural try..
keep smiling :)

1 comment:

  1. I am smiling:)
    But to be very true,I off course feel wonderful when you come back,always every time.I have anxiously counted the days of ur return to face hell offcourse:D
    Yes it feels wonderful when we after sadly leaving and coming back,find people anxiously waiting for us.
    It gives us a hope for us to come back and to redo whatever shit we were doing.
    And yup thanks for your secret:)